Defibtech Now Shipping AEDs That Meet New AHA CPR and Emergency Care Guidelines


Guilford, CT – Aug. 9, 2006.

Defibtech Now Shipping AEDs That Meet New AHA CPR and Emergency Care Guidelines; Software available to distributors easily upgrades AEDs in field

Defibtech announced today that it is now shipping its automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and AED Trainers with the new American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC). In addition, Defibtech is making upgrade software for its award-winning, price- and performance-leading AEDs freely available to its distributor partners. That way, all existing Defibtech Rescue AEDs and Training AEDs ever made can be easily upgraded in the field to meet the new AHA guidelines. All Defibtech AEDs are also available with the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidelines for Resuscitation 2005.

Newly shipped AEDs can be easily upgraded in the future 

All Defibtech AEDs can be easily upgraded should rescue protocols change again in the future, said Defibtech President Gintaras Vaisnys. “We planned ahead and designed all of our products so that they could easily be upgraded without taking them out of service,” he said. “Because of this foresight, Defibtech AEDs will not become obsolete – and will always continue to bring practical value to our customers.” By simply placing a data card with the software into the AED, users can complete the Defibtech upgrade in less than two minutes at the very location where the AED is deployed. Conversely, many competing AED brands require custom cables, computers with IRDA ports, field service calls or sending the AED back to the manufacturer, often for an additional cost.

Upgrade revises voice prompts to administer one shock followed by immediate CPR 

The primary purpose of the upgrade is to revise the AED’s function and voice prompts to administer one shock followed immediately by CPR. Previously, three “stacked” shocks were recommended by the guidelines, which were revised by the American Heart Association based upon scientific evidence showing a high rate of first shock success with modern AEDs, especially when accompanied by CPR administered at an effective rate and depth. Defibtech strongly recommends that the AED upgrade be accompanied by training that familiarizes response teams with the new AHA guidelines. More information on the guidelines can be found at

Defibtech AED features make it a smart choice 

The Defibtech AED’s innovative features – including ease of use, unparalleled field upgrade capability, active status indication and the industry’s longest battery life – have resulted in numerous large-scale deployments and awards. Defibtech AEDs were chosen for deployment in the 2006 Winter Olympics, were selected by the State of New Jersey for deployment in police and fire vehicles (currently over 3,500 units), and have been the choice for numerous large-scale government and commercial deployments. Defibtech AEDs have also been recognized with a number of design awards, even having been selected for exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. For more information on Defibtech’s deployments and awards, visit

AEDs revive victims of sudden cardiac arrest caused by ventricular fibrillation 

Health experts estimate that sudden cardiac arrest kills more than 400,000 people in the United States and millions of people worldwide each year. Studies show that if victims are defibrillated within a minute or two after arrest, more than 70 percent survive. If defibrillation is delayed for more than 10 minutes, less than 5 percent live, making immediate access to AEDs vital.

About Defibtech

Defibtech relentlessly pursues one goal: making the best automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) in the world at affordable prices. Defibtech designs and manufactures the FDA-approved Lifeline™ and ReviveR™ brand AEDs and related accessories. Defibtech’s products are sold through its network of distribution partners in the United States and around the world. Founded in 1999, Defibtech is headquartered in Guilford, Connecticut and manufactures all of its defibrillators in the United States in a state-of-the-art ISO-9001:2003 certified facility. For more information about Defibtech and its products, visit or call 050 – 313 30 96.

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